May 18, 2011

How I spend my life?


this time, i'm gonna share about...
My future plan. ;p 
A relationship between man + women. :D
Day dreaming~~ ;p
Looking for a soulmate. Who? 
Of course, a MAN, not a WOMEN. ;p 
Now? Keep searching till i found my Frog Prince.

 Graduation!! Yeah. almost 3 years to finish up my studies.
and then become a Math's Teacher.
God willing.

 and then getting married. Haha. After grad? InsyaAllah. 
Actually, after i can make sure everything is in the state of FINE, STABLE.

 Having kids? for sure la. Hahaha. ;p
never ever think about this matter yet.
This is not the first priority for now.
and then, what is the first? 
hahaha. dont know.

 this one? 
err ------- no comment ------

----no comment-----

 I love this one. Yup2.
Love till the end.
In love again with him, my hubby.
So sweet.

Ok, entri ini ditulis saat pemikiranku di awang-awangan. Not so stable. ;p
Terlalu banyak menyerap ilmu dari buku FALSAFAH PENDIDIKAN DI MALAYSIA.
Exam hari khamis ni, on 19th May.
Wish me luck!

Got to go. 
Mode : Study.

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