February 22, 2009

Love takes time.
It needs a history of giving and receiving, laughingand crying...
Love never promises instant gratification, only ultimate fulfillment.
Love means believing in someone, in something.
It supposes awillingness to struggle, to work, to suffer, and to rejoice.
Satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment are by-products of dedicatedlove.
They belong only to those who can reach beyond themselves;
towhom giving is more important than receiving.
Love is doing everything you can to help others build whatever dreams they have.
Love involves much careful and active listening.
It is doing whatever needs to be done, and saving whatever will
promote the other's happiness, security, and well-being.
Sometimes, love hurts.Love is on a constant journey to what others need.
It must be attentive, caring, and open, both to what others say
and to what others cannot say...Love says no with empathy and great compassion.
Love is firm, but when needed it must be tender.
When others have tried and failed, love is the hand in yours in your moments
of discouragement and disappointment.Love is reliable.
Love is a choice and commitment to others' true and lasting happiness.
Itis dedicated to growth and fulfillment. Love is not selfish.
Love sometimes fails for lack of wisdom or abundance of weakness,
but itforgives, knowing the intentions are good.Love does not attach conditions....
Genuine love is always a free gift.
Love realizes and accepts that there will be disagreements anddisturbing emotions...
There may be times when miles lay between, but love is a commitment.
It believes and endures things.Love encourages freedom of self.
Love shares positives and negatives reactions to warm and cold feelings.
Love, intimate love, will never reject others.
It is the first to encourage and the last to condemn.
Love is a commitment to growth, happiness, and fulfillment of one another.

my fwenz

My roommates and I
~ Hairina ~ Me ~ Gee ~
Luv u all
Hey, up here! Smile,.say cheese.....hu3
wif Athin

February 20, 2009

Hu3. we're waiting 4 da match..petanque. Go, go LEMON. Lwn ktorg x dtg..So, mng tnpa bertanding la.hu3. Hope2, tomorrow pnya match ktorg dpt msuk final. Really hope so..
Hurm,.after a looong tyme..

nOw, here i am

today, petanque match..we WON!!

menang tanpa bertAnding mmg best..tkowt r esOk.hope2 dapat masuk final match..x dpt pn xpe. x ksh sgt, juz for 4 fun. releasing stress b4 final exm..

hidup mmg ada mcm2 problm..wif cliques, someOne special, roommates, classmates,..wlpn small mtter je, but still probs right..Hmm, hari ni jgk tcher ckp, Gala Nyte cancel..how bout our poetry recital?? Ish3,must be cancel gk. but it's ok la.nothing to be sad..and 1 more, my dress for GalaNyte n Annual Dinner,..both x sempat nk pakai. Wear during class tyme? I dn't think so. So nk gerak la.nyesal x beli baju kurung je.nice n simple.so, bley pakai anytyme jer kn..