February 20, 2009

Hurm,.after a looong tyme..

nOw, here i am

today, petanque match..we WON!!

menang tanpa bertAnding mmg best..tkowt r esOk.hope2 dapat masuk final match..x dpt pn xpe. x ksh sgt, juz for 4 fun. releasing stress b4 final exm..

hidup mmg ada mcm2 problm..wif cliques, someOne special, roommates, classmates,..wlpn small mtter je, but still probs right..Hmm, hari ni jgk tcher ckp, Gala Nyte cancel..how bout our poetry recital?? Ish3,must be cancel gk. but it's ok la.nothing to be sad..and 1 more, my dress for GalaNyte n Annual Dinner,..both x sempat nk pakai. Wear during class tyme? I dn't think so. So nk gerak la.nyesal x beli baju kurung je.nice n simple.so, bley pakai anytyme jer kn..

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