September 29, 2010

fuhh, FULL ~

Sunday, 26

  • Presentation
    • TRIGONOMETRY - Double Angle
  • submit assgmnt:

Monday, 27

  • English Oral Test ( in group of 4)
tittle: sumthing like..  
"Disciplinary cases in school is more rampant nowadays".
i'm d candidate C...shud against d statement given with the point ...
"Not only in school but in other educational instituition too.."
........blurr....not doing well at dat tyme..frustt!! T_T

  • shooting >>> advertisement
...sponsored by PETRONAS + Ministry of Women & Health...both are for our BM's assigmnt...need to present it on Wednesday..nott ready yet..
Location: hurm..secret.....hahaha~ tkot kne sue jew..
best scene ever!! thnks 4 d cooperation dear friends :)

Tuesday, 28

  •  English Oral Test ( individual)
--->>> my topic for today---->> "GAMES"
i've explained about d types, advatages & disadvantages, and...for d critical tyme left..i've told bout my favorite games..hahaha~ no idea..thnks to him for giving me d clue ;))

  • shooting again!!
Location: around IPG..need to finish up d whole scenes to complete d storyline :)
night: burn d midnight oil...compiling all d project work..huhuhu~ ZzzzZzzz

Wednesday, 29
  • Presentation BM
"Pertandingan Membaca Berita antara Kumpulan Unit MT/BI/BM II"..  i'm one of d JURY for today..quite statisfied with d marks given by d head of jury, Mr. Nik Harun Aminarrashed..the differents are based on presentation & intonation while presenting d  news.. Good job everyone!! thnks for d great cooperation ya :))

  • Presentation PN (Pendidikan) with Mr.Manga
    • mbye CANCEL as we'll have usrah umum tonyte at balai islam
  • Get ready for d!study!study!
    • come on, babe..

Thursday, 30

  • Quiz: Calculusss more and more!
  • English Academic test!! need to study ~~language study..huhuhu~ :( 

Gud luck, Farahah. You can do it dear..;D dont giv up!!

September 28, 2010

Assignment again, again & again,.. arghh!!


At last, I had finished my math's MODEL for d TRIGONOMETRY's assignment. Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot to my teamwork, HANA & YAYA for their great commitment toward d project..

_with the MODEL in the Math Department_

thanks dear...both of you are amazing ;)).. Without you, i might not finished them well.

take a snap with it, before send it to MADAM SOFI..huhuhu~

feel like wanna ask her,
" Puan, can I have mine back after you give d mark? 
I just wanna keep it for my own..hehe ;) ".
I dont think that she'll give it to me..

Angle of Elavation & Angle of Depression :)

If we're lucky,
our model will be chosen to be in the math exhibition sOon..


Shopaholic?? not really__

i'm NOT dat extreme, i think so..
but i do love shopping,,
even shopping for others..

choosing thing, comparing the prices,
i'm PRO..hehe~

what am I crazy about??

of coz ====>>; SHOES!!

the lastest one for Hari Raya,
I just bought one
as I really LOVE d design :))

VINCCI, beige, 6.5 ...what a small size.. 
and in 3 inch height..

it's a high heel shoes..
till today, it's still in the box, nicely,.. 

still waiting for d perfect day to wear..

walking with 3 inch high heel shoes??
will I?
catwalk, maybe ;p

September 24, 2010

thanks HANA~

HANA, thanks for the NICE photo of us..luv it ;)
I nmpak chubby lor dlm gmbar neyh..hehehe~

I hope, we'll stay together forever,..
thanks for everthing, 
and forgive me for what i've done wrong~

Luv u so much,
plez do take care of your health :)
odaijini =D 

For Athin :D


Hurm, about your problems, i hope you can handle them well. I'll support everything that you decide to do.. About c****, i dont mind if you wanna restart your relationship again, but i think, pliz NOT for now.. afraid that it finally turns to the same conclusion.. Just be friend, or maybe best friend,ok.. Hate to see you crying again and's hurt me a lot. 

I luv you so much dear :) 
If you hav sumthin' to share, pliz giv me a call & i'll lend my ears just for you..

with love,

am I in LOVE??

i'm not so sure about this...
i'm not sure if he's the ONE for me or not..
whatever it is,
i'll try to take care of both feelings and others too

But sometimes,
i feel uneasy..
i afraid dat i cant manage it well..
afraid if i cant control my feeling~

i hope,
this is NOT just a love game..
if YES, i'll surrender..I QUIT..
not ready to be one of the player..

September 21, 2010


LOvE tHis


This is our MODEL
for math's project

Love it so much,
as it's my favourite theme & color..
hurm, but we
still have to giv some final touch
before send it
to Mdm SOFI...

oh no,
i haven't finish up d reflection yet
ok2, i'll do it..tonyte..

for now, i got d gym
i'll stay up..
we'll stay up together..hehehe

thnks for your great commitment ;))
really appreciate it
muah.. ;D

September 1, 2010

Mr.Star.. twiNkLe"twiNkLe"

_______this is MR. STAR_______

a biRthDAy giFT froM
me + ADEk
just for
~her 19th birthdAy~
on 25th May 2010



I've a poem for you, Angah:


When you are down
And you want to get high
Just take a good look
Up in the sky

What you will find
Are the stars above
And all you need
Is to proclaims your love

Who you will find
And see so clear
Are friends in mind
You want to hold near

Whenever you need them
Just look up high
Call their name
And see them fly

Every friend you meet
Owns a star
And you can see them
No matter how far

Whenever you are down
And want to get high
Just take a good look
Up in the sky

**** Just for you, Hana Iekimi.

Dear 2311~


"You'll never find the right person
if you don't let go the wrong one".

and I'm the WRONG one...


Bila Hati Berubah :(

Bila hati berubah...

sayang =>> benci

riNdu =>> deNdaM

kata-kata manis =>> makian

senyuman =>> jelingan tajam

pujian =>> sindiran

teman =>> musuh

nasihat =>> racun yg membinasakan

suka =>> marah


merawat luka yang terpendam,
kesannya masih berdarah..
Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku,
kuatkanlah diriku untuk memaafkan kesilapannya,
sesungguhnya segalanya berlaku tanpa dia sedari..



"I hate you for doing me like THIS"


~Please forgive me as I can't control myself~
it's all about HEART & FEELING