September 28, 2010

Assignment again, again & again,.. arghh!!


At last, I had finished my math's MODEL for d TRIGONOMETRY's assignment. Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot to my teamwork, HANA & YAYA for their great commitment toward d project..

_with the MODEL in the Math Department_

thanks dear...both of you are amazing ;)).. Without you, i might not finished them well.

take a snap with it, before send it to MADAM SOFI..huhuhu~

feel like wanna ask her,
" Puan, can I have mine back after you give d mark? 
I just wanna keep it for my own..hehe ;) ".
I dont think that she'll give it to me..

Angle of Elavation & Angle of Depression :)

If we're lucky,
our model will be chosen to be in the math exhibition sOon..


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