September 29, 2010

fuhh, FULL ~

Sunday, 26

  • Presentation
    • TRIGONOMETRY - Double Angle
  • submit assgmnt:

Monday, 27

  • English Oral Test ( in group of 4)
tittle: sumthing like..  
"Disciplinary cases in school is more rampant nowadays".
i'm d candidate C...shud against d statement given with the point ...
"Not only in school but in other educational instituition too.."
........blurr....not doing well at dat tyme..frustt!! T_T

  • shooting >>> advertisement
...sponsored by PETRONAS + Ministry of Women & Health...both are for our BM's assigmnt...need to present it on Wednesday..nott ready yet..
Location: hurm..secret.....hahaha~ tkot kne sue jew..
best scene ever!! thnks 4 d cooperation dear friends :)

Tuesday, 28

  •  English Oral Test ( individual)
--->>> my topic for today---->> "GAMES"
i've explained about d types, advatages & disadvantages, and...for d critical tyme left..i've told bout my favorite games..hahaha~ no idea..thnks to him for giving me d clue ;))

  • shooting again!!
Location: around IPG..need to finish up d whole scenes to complete d storyline :)
night: burn d midnight oil...compiling all d project work..huhuhu~ ZzzzZzzz

Wednesday, 29
  • Presentation BM
"Pertandingan Membaca Berita antara Kumpulan Unit MT/BI/BM II"..  i'm one of d JURY for today..quite statisfied with d marks given by d head of jury, Mr. Nik Harun Aminarrashed..the differents are based on presentation & intonation while presenting d  news.. Good job everyone!! thnks for d great cooperation ya :))

  • Presentation PN (Pendidikan) with Mr.Manga
    • mbye CANCEL as we'll have usrah umum tonyte at balai islam
  • Get ready for d!study!study!
    • come on, babe..

Thursday, 30

  • Quiz: Calculusss more and more!
  • English Academic test!! need to study ~~language study..huhuhu~ :( 

Gud luck, Farahah. You can do it dear..;D dont giv up!!

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