May 28, 2010


~means sumbody is missing you~

emm,..and saya percaya lau terpandang pada jam yang menunjukkan pukul 11:11,
mesti ada seseorang yang sedang merindui kita..hehe
lucu,kn? mcm pelik jew..

Bley percaya ke?
hurm, x kesahla..saya happy ble berpeluang melihat jam tepat 11:11
kerana saya tahu ada yang merindui diri ini..

May 27, 2010

Sem II yg bakal berakhir~~

Sem II bakal melabuhkan tirannya tak lama lagi
dengan berakhirnya ujian akhir bg semester ni hari ini..
but, still have 1 week to stay here..

right now,
i,ve got lots of thing to be packed and clear up
i need more BAGSs and bOXesS.. to put all my tHingss
adoyaii..banyAk giLerr..

mana mau simpan maa
x larat daa..huk3
spe suh bwk byk2 brg..
kn da kne angkut smua balik,.

kata my rum8,
"slow2, simpan sket2...sbar ea.. nt ciap la tu"..

berbekalkan smngat tu,
sesi mngemas pun ditruskan,..

tp kan...
smpai saAt ni pun x ciap2 ag..

sabar eA..u can do it la.. ;)

Hurm, cdey rsanya nk mninggalkan Sem II ni,.
byk knngan bersama
rum8 + classmates (MATH II) + friends..
dikejar my 'S.A'..arghh.


Sem II :
aerobic + Drama BM ( Sesudah Takdir Itu) + koir + choral speaking + MQA + Kelas PJ + gerko futsal
x lupa jgk..

Trip to China~~hahaha
from IPG > Besut > Rantau Panjang > Wakaf Che Yeh > KT

BBQ kt Taman Rekreasi Teluk Ibai,
menu: ayam + mee goreng + sosej + bebola...

and we've celebrated Fuzah & Fiqah bday
at Pantai Batu BuruK

Happy Birthday!!

and then overnight kt rumah YAYA..hehehe

tomorrow morning,

bessst..knangan terindah

lepas tu,
back to KT
ingat nk maen bowling or kareoke..
tp..smua da FULL
makan tyme!!
Yaya yg kmpunan nk mkn piZza..

we had dinner at PIZZA HUT.. last..;)

da next>>> McD!!!..wait for uSSs k.

Walau second trip ktorg ni byk conflict between girls & boys,
tetap happy...hope, next trip da x blaku smua ni..

HUrm,..MATH II..untuk sem ni,
blum btol2 dpt mixed up lg..
but it's better than last sem..
i really2 hope dat.....
...sem III depan, smuanya bley brubah..
lg matang, da x gaduh..
amat cdey ble smua berpecah..
i can't stand..
sooo sorry..
mungkin diri ini salah sorg yg bersalah

Nk mula SEM III depan dengan pmikiran baru,..
nk smuanya bersatu..
be professional...
boleh ke?
mampu ke??
x nk la jd FALSE HOPE jew..
x mo mcm tu..T_T

I'm a shopaholic??hurm.. O_o not really..
still undercontrol
but lillte bit over the budget..
it's NORMAL when women love shopping, right??

I luv shopping,
so, i'm normal ^_^~~

I do love shopping...
My planning for this holidays..

shop for:

>> shoes
>>> sandals
>>>> bag
>>>>> birthday present for my besties (especially my beloved rumate, Hana)
>>>>>> cute little thing
>>>>>>> dress for our class reunion (colour based on theme)

hurm...what more..

oh, i wanna make cutey cupcakes!!!
who wants to heLp me???

what's the best ingredient?? the icing?topping?? me!! Luv that cutey cupcakes..

I wish for a boxes of cupcakes on my coming soOn birthday..
....yummy...i would love it...^_^

...searching for the recepies...yum.yum..can't wait till back home..

wanna make cupcakes, puding, egg tart, ermm.. brownies...wOw..soo, excited! ;))

anyway, happy holidays!!

to my roomate,.pliz take care k. Luv ya. ;D please text me at least 1 SMS per day, k. promise?? i'll miss you.

I gotta go, packing my bags,.. in 1 hour, i'll be back home..enjoy my holiday..yeppi..

My Siblings~~

Let me introduce you..


Da offical members of NOBODY'S FAMILY


  • 4 young princesses
~ Kak Long + Kak Ngah + Kak Chik + Adik ... and also our bro ... ....~

we live in a happy life...

to: Angah, Acik & Adek..

Along love you all sooo much..till d end of my life..
Gud luck for this final exam~~
Luv ya, tc ^_^

I'm sINgLe...

since when?? since..I realize dat I don't know what I really2 need in my real life..
...... and now, i'm not thinking bout to find da new one to replace it~~


Am I happy now??
I just don't know..
maybe NOT.
hurm..yup, i'm not.
it was ME who had made dat decision..
so, whuteva it is,
i've to face it~~

what I need to do:
~just b strong
~hold ur words
~never turn back

I need my friends to be with me~~


Dear you,

I'm sorry for being cruel...i did'nt mean to hurt you,..really did'nt mean to.. I hope, one day you can accept my decision with all your heart. I need some spaces & times,.and i don't know how long it will be.. because of that, i don't want you to wait for me.. If we are born to be, just day, i'll be yours, but if have to find someone which is better than me..i always pray for your happiness. Sorry for everything.. I gotta go on my own way...finding myself...forgive me for what i've done. Just one thing I want you to know, you are always in my thought as the one that had left a mark deep in my heart...



I'm a teacher-to-be... ;))

So, HAPPY TEACHER's DAY, i dedicate to MYSELF for the 1st tyme...hehehe

and also to all

>>my beloved teachers..
-kindergarten (Mdm Kalthum)
-primary school SKPN
-secondary school TMS

-in Pahang Matriculation College KMPh
- UiTM Puncak Alam,,especially ENVI lect.
-and in IPG KDRI..where i am now...

>> and last but not least to all my friends~~

Love is sooo COMPLICATED!!
Am I right??

hate to be in love
and to be loved by anyone..

it's better if everyone hates me
so, i don't need to love them
as much as they need it..

NO 'give & take' term..
i'll give nothing
Let me be ALONE...thinking...seacrhing for???
hurm, i don't know..arghh.......

stay away from me...
....and please give me some space to have a deep breath for a while
.. i wanna stop thinking about this matter..
i'm too tired to face all of those thing..

*p/s:sumbody, please help me~~


Welcome 2010
Hope this year will be better than da last..
really2 hope so~~


Today, i've seated for the last exam for dis semester II. FruSTT!! Frust kuasa infinity..hurm ade kew? hah, whuteva.... Arghh.. Padam muka..spe sruh x study sorry for blaming myself. Tp mmg patut pun.Lau blajar sungguh2, tak la jadi mcm skrg.. Amt sedey.. Half paper kot x terjawab,,adoyaii.. T_T..perkara yang first skali terfikir lepas exam.. "My pointer!!!" ..pointerku forsure akan jatuh..gedebuk!! Aduh.. ;(( Sorry, i can't perform well on dis paper.. After dis, walau apepun result yg akan kuar, aku kne trima dengan hati yg terbuka..terbuka?? haha..jgn menyesal. Btol tak? I deserve it..kn2? This is myself. malas + maen2 dlm study..