September 25, 2011

#1st Batch Pop-up Cards : LOVE


Ok, i'm soo excited to introduce to you, my very first batch of pop-up cards. My handmade. There are 5 types; Parallel Fold, Parallel Stick On, Angle Fold, Angle Stick On and Slides/Pivot. Actually, there are seven types of them, 2 more, boxes and, ..uhh forgot. We just need to choose 5 types, and we have to make 1 from each type. So, total = 5. but I made 6.

Oh, forgot, again, it's actually my math's assignment. Topic : Paper Engineering. Hmm, is that related to Mathematics? Erm, yes, maybe. I thought so as we used all the measuring skill just to measure every detail/inch of the card in order to get the perfect pop-up cards ! Aigoo~ seriously, it's easier said than done. T___T. 

What ever it was, i love to do it. I chosed 1 theme, theme that really close to me, LOVE . About the color, forsure RED, then black, chocolate and cream. Yum. Like an ice-cream. I've put some character into each of them, HIM & HER 

Here some pictures ~ enjoy ya !

Angle Fold Card
"Will You Marry Me"

Slides/ Pivot Card
"How I Spend My Life With You"

"Take My Heart Away"

Parallel Stick On Card
"A LOVE Message"

Parallel Fold Card
"Lolipop of Love"

Angle Stick On Card

p/s : Each of them has their very own story. Can't be explain through words. As it's WORDLESS ! :) Hurm, just thinking about . . . BUSSINESS..selling pop-up cards. Oh, not ready for that. 

Ok, till then, night peeps. Sweet dream ;)
Thanks for reading.


  1. This is so creative and cuteee <3


  2. ehehe, thanks Merah. this is my first try..cubaan pertama. Alhamdulillah berjaya.

  3. wah...kreatif beb...ct stuju lau kamu nk buat business ni :D