May 27, 2010

I'm a shopaholic??hurm.. O_o not really..
still undercontrol
but lillte bit over the budget..
it's NORMAL when women love shopping, right??

I luv shopping,
so, i'm normal ^_^~~

I do love shopping...
My planning for this holidays..

shop for:

>> shoes
>>> sandals
>>>> bag
>>>>> birthday present for my besties (especially my beloved rumate, Hana)
>>>>>> cute little thing
>>>>>>> dress for our class reunion (colour based on theme)

hurm...what more..

oh, i wanna make cutey cupcakes!!!
who wants to heLp me???

what's the best ingredient?? the icing?topping?? me!! Luv that cutey cupcakes..

I wish for a boxes of cupcakes on my coming soOn birthday..
....yummy...i would love it...^_^

...searching for the recepies...yum.yum..can't wait till back home..

wanna make cupcakes, puding, egg tart, ermm.. brownies...wOw..soo, excited! ;))

anyway, happy holidays!!

to my roomate,.pliz take care k. Luv ya. ;D please text me at least 1 SMS per day, k. promise?? i'll miss you.

I gotta go, packing my bags,.. in 1 hour, i'll be back home..enjoy my holiday..yeppi..


  1. NO..NO.. I dont want a present from u.. I just need ur pure heart and the spirit of my best friend... luv u sis

  2. and yes.. u are shopaholic.. but as bad as i am..hehe