May 27, 2010

Love is sooo COMPLICATED!!
Am I right??

hate to be in love
and to be loved by anyone..

it's better if everyone hates me
so, i don't need to love them
as much as they need it..

NO 'give & take' term..
i'll give nothing
Let me be ALONE...thinking...seacrhing for???
hurm, i don't know..arghh.......

stay away from me...
....and please give me some space to have a deep breath for a while
.. i wanna stop thinking about this matter..
i'm too tired to face all of those thing..

*p/s:sumbody, please help me~~

1 comment:

  1. sis if u're saying tht u hate to be in love
    and to be loved by anyone..but I

    I just dont deserve it... because of love , Love to a friend.. I lost my best friends.. not only 1..but 3.. each time i had the lost i felt so sad :( and when i had the lost tht already be found (read d essay in my book)..then u know the reason why I smile..


    and it is hard for me when last night I want to wish Happy Birthday to my best frens tht we always chit-chatting by home phone (coz its free) and her mom told tht she already passed away a few days ago... :( and I dont know..
    i asked my parents and they told tht they knew abt tht.. She died after being in coma for 35 hours and at the same day i gain my conscious in d hospital.. I was so angry with everyone.. and I hate everybody even my family.. for not telling me abt it.. My BEST Friend died and I dont even know abt It.. :C what a fren kn I ni

    That is why it is hard for me to say tht I love you and you are my bEst friend in the whole wide world straight 2 u as I afraid tht the history been playback in my life.. A pain. A lost..

    And i wanna say tht I'm sorry for being so troublesome to YoU. For not being the best tht you eva want...But I want you to know tht I love You so Much Sis.. and yes, u are my bff

    p/s: sorry 4 dis long merepek things,but i just nd sumone to talk to and i'm afraid tht i might disturb you if i call u.
    u can delete this...