October 5, 2011

i need u :)

Better than all alone. 
Walaupun bukan semua perkara dapat kita kongsi, 
at least we still can share something.

mode : sepi .


  1. it just a feeling.. never be a REALITY

  2. you have many friends. Look everywhere around you. you should not be worried about having those feeling of being alone. besides, you already got the BEST to share you thought AND stories. YOU just need you to speak out. easy ryte?

  3. easier said than done. hardly believe in anyone. at least, wrote them here/ in a diary is best way for me. dont have to speak out.

  4. yes i know. trust is sumthin that we never gv easily. but at least speak things tht are light. not a big secret. share stories on wht u're doin today and so, its no big secret ryte? btw keep on writing. u're good in it. I wish the best of luck for ENGKU FARAHAH