May 4, 2011

---> going to the end...


End of what? Relationship?? Oh, Nope... [mintak jauh] it's about lecture, classes.. for this semester. Yeay! Tomorrow is the last day for the lecture ;D hehe, happy? yes i am. Ready to say, 'goodbye' classes and 'hello' to study week..

But, for the next week, on Sunday, we got trial exam for Mathematics : Knowing Numbers. Oh, study?? not yet ready for that.. still not in the mood.. i'm now celebrating on the last day of lecture. excited! hahaha. Better to study by my own..easy to focus and to digest every word that i've read.

ok2, bloggie, sorry for not updating any news. Quite busy with the folders, tutorial qstions and presentations. :) Now, i'm back. Hopefully, i can share something with you ;) Got to go. See you soo ya.

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