February 10, 2011

:: Saya 'GEMBIRA' ::

Lately, everything goes wrong and i don't know why ;( sob3..
maybe because i've been thinking too much, i've take everything too serious..

People around me,
i'm sorry for being moody, too sensitive..
as I'm not good in pretending that i'm not.

Lets get busy and at the same time try to forget all the problemss..
is it the perfect way?? hurm..
i'll try as i've no other idea..
share?? erm..not ready to discuss with others.

what's the problem huh??
arghh.. i just dont know.
just feel uneasy almost everytime ;(


  1. Same goes with me...sob3..take ur time dear.. i have took mine n alhamdulillah I feel little more calm now.. when we feel uneasy, Dia selalu ada untuk kita.. Dia selalu dengar kita.. Believe me, you will feel more calm when u share with Him..insyaAllah.

  2. yup, i've Him..thanks for remind me :) insyaAllah, i'll my very best to ignore everything.. bukan lari dari masalah, just take time to think on how to solve them.