February 18, 2011

:: Rules to Live ::


Okay, let's start for the first one,
 "If you want it, go and get it!!"
Oyeah, that's right! Never give up dear. Chaiyok! Make a target and then try hard to get/achieve it...

Fine!! Maybe it's impossible but we'll never know till we try them, right? It may be possible. Close your ears, ignore the sound and keep trying for what we want to do. # Dont forget: Make sure you have planned everything to succeed ;)Oyeahhh..lets ignore them!! 

Wait2, some people used to say, "dont turn back".. but i think we need to turn back..it's not because of we are weak, it's just we need to look back on what we've done wrong and try to fix it for the next time. It maybe better than before..

Absolutely agree ;) Some of us maybe takes thing too easy.. 
Sometimes, small thing is a BIG matter to someone else.. Huhu. 

We're dealing with people's heart + feeling. 
Everything we do, and say might give a great impact to someone else. Watch out your words and actions k. ;) 
and also feel free to express your gratitude, in showing the appreciation towards others.. Just say "Thanks", even just for a small she/he have done and she/he will smile for whole day long ^____^.

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