June 28, 2011

Killing me silently


I'm the one who decide to be in this situation. It's all my fault. But, it's okay. Maybe there will be something behind it. A good thing maybe . . . Take time, flashback ... Both had done lots of mistakes. So, use this opportunity to be matured, to be more understanding, try to be in her/his shoes.. look back for what we've done wrong. Sometimes, we never realize, every word and every action that we express unconsciously  may hurt someone feeling. 
We doesn't know right?

Hope everything will be going back to normal as soon as possible. 
Hope for better.

"Yeah, maybe it's hurt your feeling. 
But, you're not the only one who feel it. I'm in too. "

It's uneasy to deal with our own feeling, our own mind, . . .
Farahah, be strong!

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