August 16, 2009

i'm moving out ;(

8 August 2009

Today is the last day, i'll be staying here, in UiTM Puncak Alam,.i'm moving out today,, Really2 sad..Can't control myself. My eyes,,RED,,swOllen ke?huhu~ just like gOld fish,.arghh,.sob3.. I don't wanna go, I wanna be here wif my new friends, lecturers, new life, new enviroment..already adapt wif the enviroment here..Soo peaceful, but nothing can be change unless there's a miracle..till now still hoping dat there is a miracle that can change this back to normal,eventhough I know dat nothing will be change..pleez put it back to normal,,,,..false hope, hurting me a lots..

I've to go,,
leave everything dat I love here in Puncak Alam
didn't have any pictures, memOry,,
got nothing to be remember later on

i've already got most precious thing in this world
make new friends,.
my rOomates (Azie),
housemates (Lina, Tqah, Wawa, Farah, Huda n Fad),
classmates,,(Azri, Gee, Dira, Yasmin, Ida, Jo, Tasya, K. Fatimah, K.Gee, Adrina, Izzati, Muti'ah, Salina, Franklin, Abg.Shuk, Abg.Jak, Ricky, Pa'an, Farhan Azman, Shamsul, Zamil, Boss, Bad, Adam, Raof, Afiz, Zulhelmi, Firdaous, Aus, Khairul, Fauzi, Husairiey,Fira)
I love HS223,,and
everybOdy in P.Alam,,
i'll never ever forget about this things,..

sumthing that i really2 hate da mOst
just arrived,,
tyme to separate with our own way,.
nothing can be permanent..
i know dat
there's a separation day at last
never think it will be as fast as this tyme,,
so FAST,,
not enough tyme to spend wif my new friends
we still hav things to do tgether,,,,
enjoy, shopping, gossiping,,
da thing that I quite dissapointed,
i'll never get a chance to wear envi's corporate cloth ;(
Really hope dat i can wear it one day,,,
from now on,
it's just a dream,
which never come true..
can't dream about it anymore,, =(

Best of luck in your study
~Never ever give up
~be a gOod student
~hope all of u will be a successful IK
~n lastly, don’t forget me n pray for my success
~ I love u all so much ^__^

I gotta go now,,

I'm no longer Asst Class rep for HS223

Goodbye my friends, gudbye Puncak Alam, gudbye my campus life,,.bye R1408..


  1. huhuhukssss
    aku terharu gila ngan kamu punya blog akhhh
    akhhh rasa simpati tiba2 datang myusuk ati aku
    knp kamu bjauhan dari kami semua.....

    but im really2 appriate
    yg kamu tulis nama aku sbg first name bdak class
    aikh aku ngat nak buat satu blog agi khas utk bdak envi HS223 nt ko leh a ngok cm ne life kita org kat sini.....
    semua tu in progress kkk
    klau ada papa info ku gi tahu sama kamu...

    ~bendahari kelas HS223
    you are in our heart

  2. Oo,ek..
    ble da siap nti gtau kte ek,,