August 26, 2009

1st week in .......

Hurm, ola my sweety blog. Long tyme no see,. didn't hav tyme to write sumthin cuz busy wif another blog lor,.ceh. huhu~ my private blog actually. No lar, really busy eith the assigmnt. For the first tyme, I got lots of works to do. What i'm gonna share this tyme,, hurm about my first week in IPGM KDRI, stand for Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Dato' Razali Ismail, Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu. ;P never ever think dat i'll be a teacher, once a 'ENVI' student, forever 'envi',, So sad to leave everything and start with new thing that I’ve never ever think about.. Maybe there are lots of reasons why I have to be here right now,. Whatever it is, I’m so grateful, thanks to God ‘cuz still give me a chance to be one of the great people in the world called TEACHER..never aspect to be like what I’m facing right now..very strange path..

Bout my 4 days orientation, quite ok. Interesting ‘cuz we got ‘malam apresiasi seni’ and ‘sukaneka’,, I won in both events. For mlm kbudayaan, we got tittle ‘The Most Creative Group’ and for sukaneka we got no.3. Ok lar, at least we have sumthing to be proud of. While doing all the activities, I’ve learn so many things, whether there are simple or complex,,. The most important thing that we have learnt is practice to be a gOod teacher.
My first impression while enter the rOom, new place to stay for 1 and a half year in this IPG,,, ;( . Really shock!! Is it really my room? Or I got the wrong room’s number. 310 Siti Fatimah. Yeah, that’s it. Nothing is wrong. But, it’s ok. I’ve accept it. To be a great person, we must sacrifice a lot. Agree? Hurm, my new roommate@classmate, Farhana, very friendly person from Kedah Darul Aman. Nice to know her., ^__^

I need some tyme to adapt in the environment here. New place, hostel, rules, classmates, friends, lecturers, classes,..arghh,,so many things la. I’m trying my best right now.. Firstly, I have to mix up with my new classmates, the group that I will be with from now till the next 5 years. Everybody is OK,. Hope that we can cooperate soon/later. For my GERKO, co-curiculum, I got into Futsal group. Hurm, interesting,,. Our coach, Mr. Eddy.. “kanak-kanak…”, very famous word from him. Really enjoy while practicing this game. About my ankle, it’s fine.just a simple move, so it’s ok. Nothing to be worry. ;p.. But, I’ve got another discrimination, I supposed to be in the Volley Ball group, not futsal,. L. So disappointed.huhu. Actually there is no discrimination. The number for futsal is large so for the second intake students, we have to make a group, then the sport is Volley ball.

That’s all about my 1st week in IPGM KDRI. I really hope that I can make lots of friends and can easily adapt with the environment here..really2 hope so.

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