October 20, 2010

Debate --> DONE

Basic English Class with Miss Amrien

Slot : Debate

I'm in group 4. We got the statement,
"UPSR and PMR should be abolished", 
and we were in the opposing side, which is against the statement given. 
Yaya's group were in the government side. 
Huhu, luckily, i'm the 1st speaker for the opposing side. ;D 

I need to rebate the 1st speaker's statement from the government,
said that, "UPSR and PMR should be abolished 
as they'll restructure the education system"
and we were totally disagree with that..

My point, "PMR is important because it's help student to choose 
their streams whether in art or science stream"...
huhuhu~ not really confident with my point actually... ;(

First tyme debating in front of the audience ...
scared, afraid of doing mistakes
stomachache...kembung kowt or salah makan mybe..
= seram sejuk +

Thanks Ms Amrien for all the guidance.. 
Through your english class, i had learnt so many great things and went through tremendous experiences that really useful for me, now, and for the future..build up confidence, dare to speak even just a little word, generate new ideas...interactive learning, really enjoy the classes..
but i'm so sad, as for the next semester, she won't be teaching us anymore..as they [ms amrien, ms salma, ms izzati] will take care of the juniors only. Whatever it is, they still in my heart, and we're still can keep in touch.

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