March 4, 2009


February 28,.outing wif my beloved. Best day ever 4 both of us,.i'm n0t sure b0ut him..but 4 me dat day is da best am0ng da 0ther day dat we already spent t0gethr b4 dis. Spend tyme t0gether, shopping, enj0y meals at Rasamas, chatting, share st0ry,pr0bs, fooling ar0und, laughing,.so many thngs la.. I'm so happy..from day to day, i realize dat i love him m0re, m0re n more. Cn't st0p thnkng b0ut him..i alwyz think wht is da best thng dat i cn do 4 dat he'll be hppy n i can see a smile 0n his face..
Da other preci0us thng 4 tday, i got a beautiful ring. We've b0ught a pair of couple ring..heart.heart. Thnks honey 4 dat ring.i luv it n i'll take g0od meaningful.symb0l of wht ek?u think?hurm,. Our love will never last as long as we wear it..n u're cl0se 2 my l0ng as i've it on my finger.. I miss u.i want u 2 be by mysde.n0w, always n forever.

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